Lisle, IL

We are Lisle’s Most Trusty Auto Body Shop

You know that Lisle experiences extreme environment changes all the time, especially due to extreme weather conditions and season turnovers. Heavy rain can always just storm in and flood our streets without warning. Storms send all kinds of objects flying. Snow and ice make the roads slippery and very dangerous. Basically, it’s very possible for our vehicles to suffer from all sorts of damage all year round because of natural hazards. Include human activity to the equation and you’ll have even more frenzies on the road. In this case, you are going to need a place to rely on in Lisle — an auto body shop that will be there for you through all the hardships of not only you but also your car. Trust us to be there for you and have what you need.

We have the whole package for your car. We do auto body repairs — big and small — so if you end up driving through slippery icy roads in winter and getting a bump, Justice Automotive & Collision Centers is just around the corner to make your car perfect again. If a storm blows debris to your windshield, there is no need to worry. We can repair or replace the glass on your car with our Auto Glass Repair Service. We also have solutions for you if hail suddenly falls during your travel and damages your car. Do you own an old model? We can and will make it look like a brand new million-dollar masterpiece.

Driving is an essential part of our lifestyle. Our cars help us get to work, to school, or to any other place every day. A damaged car loses not only its beauty but also its safety. You can’t ignore something like that. Repairing vehicle damages should be your priority if you want to make sure of safe and smooth everyday travels.

Visit our shop near you — in Lisle, no other auto body shop is closer, better, and more trustworthy than Justice Automotive & Collision Centers.

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